we live in an au where dogs are sentient intelligent beings.

this ask blog is for every character

admins: julia and spirit

thank you!!

poptart? don't you mean sodatart?

thank u for the

drag & drop

this is mun here, i havent updated this blog in quite a bit :C

and i lost motivation actually, and im losing interest in attack on titan in general. but with the new season coming soon im sure i will be back into it so im not leaving just yet!!

but if any artists want to join this blog then feel free to shoot me an ask @fukaml :D just to make it a little more active!


we’re best friends / /

i was just wondering since i know you put a lot of thought into their designs, have you ever considered irish wolfhound for bert?

no actually 0:

i might try to draw him as one)

do you have select breeds for the snk dogs or just base off appearances?

well i TRY to pick a breed that appears like them but if i cant i just base it off of looks lol

Levi: YOU’RE telling ME?

*puts mistletoe over Eren and Mikasa*



Eren: Uhhhh…..


Attack on dogs-project sketches woop

Armin, what's your favorite toy?


Eren: (ppsst… he actually has a stuffed carrot. dont tell him i told you though or im dead, probably.)

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